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    U.S. Department of Transportation requires carriers to display their company name in addition to their USDOT number issued by the FMCSA and the numbers must be proceeded by USDOT on your commercial vehicles. Ie: USDOT#123456.

    Additionally, USDOT Decals must be displayed on both sides of the CMV to be USDOT compliant. You may choose to place your vinyl decal lettering on your truck door, or on the cabin. In either case, they must be visible from a minimum of 50 feet away and be in contrasting colors to ensure visibility during daytime hours. Ie; black lettering on a white vehicle and lighter colors on dark. You must make sure all regulation numbers are easily legible to avoid any troubles; for most fonts you can get away with 2 inches in height minimum to meet this requirement.

     We recommend ordering a custom truck door template to suit your company’s and your state’s legal requirements. Be sure to include your company logo, name, city & state of operation in addition to your USDOT number, & state mandated regulation number, if applicable. Many carriers chose to also display their VIN & GVWR for ease during the scale inspections and easy identification in case of emergencies. Depending on your type of operation, you may even display a phone number or website address; this is a fantastic way to expand your business.

    Whatever you need; you’re sure to find a template that works for you. We have thousands of combinations! Choose from hundreds of templates in 50 colors & with over 50 font selections. With the help of our in-house graphic designers you’ll be able to tailor any of our handcrafted designs to fit your unique operation.